Below are some links to bands and companys that have helped out The Folkestone Teeny Boppers.



This Little Girl & The Dillicats

This Little Girl & the Dillicats

We would like to thank This Little Girl & the Dillicats for recording an extended version of Rockin' around with Ollie Vee for The Little Ones in the Demonstration Team.

They are a four piece Rockabilly / Rock 'n' Roll band with a difference in that it is formed of one family. Keri Blackwell on Drums and Vocals. Charlie Blackwell on Piano, Sax, Vocals and Accoustic Guitar. John Blackwell (Electric / Upright Bass & Vocals) and dad Nigel Blackwell (Lead Vocals & Guitar).

Although this song isn't currently on any of their Albums, they do have three great rocking albums for sale on thier website.

This Liitle Girl & the Dillicats


The Jive Aces

The Jive Aces

We would like to thank the UK's No.1 jive and swing band, that is the Jive Aces.

For allowing us to mix two of thier songs I Wanna be Like You and Sing, Sing, Sing from the King of the Swingers album. For our new demonstration dance The Cool Katz. To debut soon!

Please check back for the video on our Demonstration Team page.

King of the Swingers


The Kingcats

The Kingcats

A big Thank you to The Kingcats for allowing us to use thier version of School of Rock n Roll on the home page of our website.

This track is on thier Southbound Train album which is available from thier website.

Southbound Train


The Bobcats

The Bobcats

We would like to thank The Bobcats, for allowing us to use there version of Honey Don't for our Eight Girls Demo Dance.

Which is on the Rockin' with the Bobcats album. Available direct from The Bobcats website. Along with many other albums.

Rockin with the Bobcats


Embroidery Depot

Embroidery Depot

Supplier, embroider and printing of your logos onto a wide range of clothing and gift ideas.

Our embroidery service using industry embroidery techniques meets your individual needs, projecting and advertising your company's, school, club's or individuals professional image.

Remember branded clothing means free advertising for your association or company.

The Folkestone Teeny Boppers Embroidered Logo